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It is a mechanical plane made of durable steel prepared for mass production of products containing metal or plastic materials such as pens, mobile phones, televisions, automobiles or industrially used packaging, apparatus, machine parts.


The mold and mold making sector, which many people are not aware of, is the base of technology and economy in their countries all over the world.


Considering that all plastic and metal parts of products such as mobile phones, televisions, air conditioners, automobiles, which we use every day, are produced with the help of molds, it is easier to understand the place of mold production in technology and economy.


In your opinion, how many different plastic products are used in an ordinary car? What we briefly remember: front and rear bumpers, front and rear headlights, plastic mechanism above and below the seat, door handles, cigarette ashtrays, front and rear panels, most of the ventilation systems… a lot of plastic products and parts that go on and on. We can consider this example for all products such as television, mobile phone, air conditioner, computer, refrigerator…. Here, each of these products and parts turns into mass production by mold and a large part of a complex product such as automotive is produced. Each plastic material produced is separately evaluated in the spare parts market such as headlights and bumpers. When all of these are evaluated in terms of the resulting product, we find the importance of the molding industry in terms of technology and production, or if we make a monetary evaluation, the importance of mold manufacturing in terms of economy.

Mitrefix Blog 1

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